Introducing RagBags!

March 22, 2016 9:17 am Published by

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Introducing RagBags!

Reusable bags just got a lot more useful.

For years now, people have been trying to reduce the waste caused by shopping bags. Literally trillions of disposable plastic bags have been thrown into landfills or wound up floating in the ocean. Paper alternatives require massive amounts of energy and material resources to manufacture, yet are rarely used more than once. Reusable shopping bags seemed to be the solution, but they are mostly made overseas from petroleum-based plastics. Since they aren’t recyclable and don’t biodegrade, such standard reusable bags still end up as plastic waste.

Seeing this problem, the creators of RagBag set out to create a solution. A new type of reusable bag that would require less material, and be made completely from bio-based sources. A bag that, if you did throw it away, would harmlessly biodegrade into soil. And a bag that could be repurposed into much more than just a bag, eliminating the need for other disposable products and further reducing your carbon footprint.

RagBags: Reuse. Repurpose.

RagBags are a brand-new type of reusable bag. They are compact and lightweight, yet each one is still sturdy enough to carry home the groceries. And they can be reused multiple times over—but as much more than just a bag.

That’s what really makes RagBags stand out: the many ways in which they can be repurposed. For example, a RagBag can absorb over 10 times its weight in water, or over 8 times as much as a standard paper towel. Since RagBags can then be washed and reused multiple times over, a single RagBag can eliminate the need for 1-2 rolls of disposable paper towels. They can also be used as hand towels, polishing cloths, shoe covers, or even baby bibs; the number of potential uses is limited only by your imagination.

RagBags are 99.9% bio-based, made from materials such as recycled cotton. Being bio-based also makes them fully biodegradable. When they do finally exceed their usable life, you can simply toss them into the compost pile.

Besides being safe for the environment, RagBags are safe for your family. It’s been shown that typical reusable bags commonly harbor bacteria that can contaminate groceries, and they can be difficult to sanitize. That’s not a problem with fabric RagBags, which can easily be washed.

A reusable bag that can be used as much more than a bag; that’s made in the USA; that’s eco-friendly from start to finish, and that eliminates waste from both paper and plastic. That’s the remarkable new RagBag.

To learn how you can bring RagBags into your stores, please contact us for a free quote.

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