Embroidery is a great way to enhance the look of your company name, organization or sports team. Look Professional with your logo on polos, hats, jacket, bags, towels, as well as uniforms.

Embroidery can be a great way to build brand awareness and looks very professional. It’s a good alternative to screen printing when you want to move up to the next level.

Choose from a wide range of products in our store or on-line or bring your own new, never worn or washed pieces and we can take care of those too. We can do as few as 6 pieces and as many as, well whatever your needs require.

With our expert design team, we can take your design ideas and turn them into beautiful custom embroidered pieces. Let us wow you!

Font Size

We cannot embroider lettering smaller than 1/4" of an inch. Many embroidery fonts minimum size are even larger. See image below to get an idea of what font size you may want for your own job.

Design Size

The sizes below are our standard embroidery sizes. This also depends on what size garments, the logo and other factors. We will work with you to create professional looking pieces that are sure to wow you!